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Maryam Shahid
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Maryam Shahid

Clinical Dietician
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  • BSc Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (University of Sharjah)


  • Completed intensive training at Dubai Hospital
  • Has worked as an Assistant Dietitian at Northwest Clinic for Diabetes and Endocrinology and as a Medical screener for Nutricia to screen for Malnutrition in Pediatric patients.
  • Has been contributing to the community by doing multiple webinars on various nutrition related topics and lead a weight loss program to educate people on the importance of having a wholesome, nutritious diet

Personal Interests:

  • She is a health advocate, dedicated to improving public awareness of having a balanced diet. She aims to improve people’s relationship with food and help develop better eating habits.
  • Moreover, she is fond of writing and has had some of her articles published in Ladies Forum (PAD) magazines.