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Dr Faisel Ikram

President, Pakistan Association Dubai

Dr Faisel Ikram is a seasoned medical professional. He works as Consultant General Surgeon & Surgical Gastroenterologist at an international hospital in Dubai. He has worked as a volunteer with various NGOs around the world as a healthcare professional and eventually joined Pakistan Association Dubai in 2010. His vision is to transform this institution into a symbol of pride for every residing Pakistani in UAE and leave a legacy behind for our younger generation. Dr Faisel enjoys interacting with people who share his passion and spread positivity. His calm and inviting face can easily be identified in the crowd!

He has held positions at PAD as General Secretary – Medical Wing and later as General Secretary – PAD before taking over his current position as President – PAD. He sees abundant opportunities at PAD to serve the community and hopes for it to be the ideal platform for people to connect and inspire.

“I recognize the strength of my community and it’s that strength which motivated my team to first launch the Own a Brick campaign and now the Brick a Month campaign for the Pakistan Medical Centre. I call upon each one of you to join the cause and contribute in whatever way you can. Don’t limit yourself to finances; your skills, expertise, time and passion are all valuable to us. Our hallmark truly is the Pakistan Medical Centre – the first not-for-profit healthcare facility by any community in the GCC – which serves as a source of pride for all of us. In this fast-moving cosmopolitan city, I wish for the Pakistani community to stand out and be the best. And this has been made possible with your relentless support and selfless commitment. I thank each one of you who became a part of this memorable journey to the opening of PMC and our vision in making Pakistan Association Dubai a place our generations would take pride in. Let’s continue to work for our community and contribute to the prosperity of the United Arab Emirates, our second home. Let’s leave our mark behind. Together we rise.”