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Dr Nasim Sabir

Medical Director

Dr Nasim holds 13 years of experience as a Clinical Microbiologist, Pathologist, Quality Control and Management. As the PMC Medical Director, he is responsible for overseeing daily operations of the facility, examining and coordinating the facility’s activities to guarantee medical quality, reviewing healthcare laws and regulations to implement in daily practices in order to improve the level of care provided as well as monitoring facility budgets to help reduce operating costs of the facility over the period. He is also responsible for recruiting and managing physicians, nurses, and other medical and non-medical staff.

Additionally, he works closely with the executive management team to implement strategies that enhance patient care, clinical outcomes, the implementation and oversight of the quality assessment and performance improvement program leading to the success of PMC. His aim is to improve medical practice in all departments of the clinic. Hence, he takes a personal interest in assisting with the training and coaching of team members and subordinates.