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Fathima Asharaf

Medical Lab Technologist

Dr Nasim Sabir

Medical Director, Pathologist, Microbiologist

Dr Anjum Nawshehri

Physician-Specialist-Clinical Pathology

Aldrin Villaluna Adan

Registered Med.Tech. Philippines B.S.M.T.
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Hematology is the study of blood formation and its abnormalities. Abnormalities of blood formation and blood clotting can result in major health disorders and early detection can be lifesaving.

Mal-functioning immune system can result in disease, such as autoimmunity, allergy, infections and cancer. Immunology tests (Immunoassays) find out abnormalities in the immune system that can result in such diseases.
Serologic tests are associated with different hormones levels in blood. Diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid malfunctions and Sexual and Fertility disorders may occur due to hormonal disorders.

Clinical Chemistry is concerned with analysis of body fluids to measure levels of essential components of body like salts and proteins. Abnormalities in concentrations of these analytes can result in major diseases. Most chronic diseases in body like liver or kidney diseases can be detected early by changes in the Biochemistry related to these organs. Monitoring of different disease like Diabetes is done through periodic testing.

Clinical Microbiology is a diagnostic tool for the detection of infections caused by different infectious agents that include, Bacteria, Fungi & Mycobacterium, Parasites & Viruses. Early detection and sensitivity testing can help decide best management in timely fashion.

Most areas of medicine rely on diagnostic testing, often on blood. Phlebotomists are healthcare professionals who have been trained to collect patient blood specimens in laboratories. PMC lab offers phlebotomy service throughout the clinic timings and our trained staff are always there for assistance.