04 3373632 / 054 3069176 [email protected]

Dr. M Sohaib Mustafa

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon


Dr. Pramod Warhekar

Consultant Ophthalmologist


Nida Hamid



Dr. Anupama Rao

Specialist Ophthalmologist

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The Ophthalmology Department provides comprehensive ophthalmic care and services:

  • History taking (ocular and systemic)
  • Visual acuity checkup for near and far sighted refractive condition for both children and adults (with & without correction)
  • Intraocular pressure checkup (Glaucoma screening, early detection, follow-ups)
  • Pachymetry (corneal thickness)
  • Keratometry (curvature of anterior corneal surface)
  • Lensometry (power of glasses)
  • Slit lamp examination (complete eye examination cornea to retina)
  • Clinical examination of the anterior segment and dilated fundoscopy
  • Corneal analysis for early detection of keratoconus.
  • Objective refraction (auto refractometer or retinoscopy)
  • Subjective refraction (Prescriptions of glasses for all ages)
  • Cycloplegic refraction under 15 yrs of age (using drops to relax accommodation)
  • Pupils examination (to detect RAPD & APD)
  • Extraocular motility and alignment (Ocular motility disorders and squint in children)
  • Confrontation visual fields testing
  • Color vision testing- using Ishihara test plates
  • Orthoptic assessment (basic)
  • Near point of convergence (for Asthenopic symptoms)
  • Diplopia screening (palsy/paresis)
  • Evaluation and management of refractive causes of squint in children and Amblyopia therapy

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