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PMC Welfare

We are not-for-profit, healthcare for all. We believe in making quality healthcare available to everyone; regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, caste, creed, or social/economic status. Pakistan Medical Centre offers high quality and subsidized healthcare services to people of all nationalities in the UAE, while any deserving patients are provided free treatment. For ease and convenience, we follow a simple one-step and hassle-free procedure to process our welfare patients:

-You will be requested to fill out a Zakat form at the reception (Zakat is applicable on welfare patients) before being referred to a doctor
-In case you are not eligible for Zakat, you may fill out an alternate form at the reception before being referred to a doctor

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The PMC Impact

The PMC Impact is a platform for brave voices to share their resilient stories and how they became a part of the PMC community